Top 3 Reasons To Attend The Remote Workers Camp

There is a moment in our worklife where, while we looked at our laptop screen, we asked ourselves this question at least one time: “wouldn’t it be wonderful if i could do this outside the office? In a park? In a nice cafe? On a sunny beach?”

The answer is of course a big YES, remote work is happening more and more every year and businesses worldwide are discovering the great opportunity that distributed team work is.
Now is the time to join this new worldwide movement, people are starting to adopt what is called the nomadic lifestyle: travel, see different cultures, discover new places, make a living, all while working online.

But how do i do that? Well here it comes the Remote Workers Camp, a week long event which will help you through the first steps towards this goal. A chance to see how others have achieved this lifestyle and start your very own journey!

Without further ado, here are my top 3 reasons why you should attend the Remote Workers Camp.



You will spend a week alongside other like minded people, discovering together what it means to be citizen of the world, last year there were people from USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Ireland and Spain!
It is a chance to see first hand different cultures, hear and experience with them stories of personal growth and achievement while also doing great activities together: Stand Up Paddle, Hiking, Yoga, Volleyball on the beach, and much more!

Here, listen to what Yael, attendee of last year has said about the camp and the people involved in it:



The Island of Tenerife is called the island of the Never Ending Spring, with a 23ºC average temperature all year long, 3,000 hours of sunshine a year; unbeatable air quality and steady climate conditions. In Tenerife you will find a great variety of sceneries: exotic beaches, volcanic deserts and a volcano, colonial towns, luxuriant forests, pine tree forests, remote lighthouses and modern architecture, all within short distances. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? On top of that the Camp is located in the Wolfhouse Los Gigantes (the giants cliffs at the south of the island) a great venue, where you will have access to everything you’ll need, from great accommodation to nice office space to a relaxing garden with a breathtaking view over the valley: also there’s a swimming pool for relaxing after work!!



The number one reason is of course the mentoring that will happen during the week long camp. Learn from who already has jump started his remote lifestyle, sharing his knowledge and experiences guiding you through this new adventure.
There will be sessions where you will learn how to create better multimedia content on the go, boost your online presence, advertise online and much more.

Have a look at one of these sessions from last year here:

Author: Tommaso Ferrari
Founder of & RW Mentor