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Niall Doherty

Niall Doherty has been a freelance web developer and full-time digital nomad since 2010, visiting 43 countries and completing one continuous trip around the world without flying. For the past two years he’s also been coaching 250+ people to build online freelance businesses, giving them the freedom to work from anywhere.

At the Remote Workers Camp 2017, Niall spoke about his 7 pillars for building a successful online business:

1. Build A Strong Foundation

2. Select A Profitable Skill

3. Become Excellent At That Skill (Fast)

4. Develop The Right Mindset & Avoid Self-Sabotage

5. Learn How To Sell Your Services Effectively

6. Deliver Great Value & Wow Your Clients

7. Learn How To Work From Anywhere



Jan Demsar

Jan started working remotely when he was 16 years old when despite the lack of experience he got an opportunity to rebuild website for Slovenian Shareholders Association.

He was working for them part-time for over 7 years and meanwhile he was looking for other remote working opportunities because he fell in love with time and location freedom. Soon he realized that he can get paid more while spending the same amount of time doing the same services by finding clients in more developed countries such as USA and Australia therefore he started providing freelancing and consulting services to businesses and digital marketing agencies in those countries.

With the experience gathered from working remotely, Jan was also able to start selling his own brand of Touchscreen gloves and couple other digital marketing related businesses.

Currently he is most focused on helping clients all over the world leverage digital marketing tools and strategies in order to get more sales and customers. Jan’s goal during the camp is to share different strategies he is using, in order to get 'perfect clients', that are willing to pay more and are enjoyable to work with.

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Martin studencan

At 15 years old, Martin founded and later monetised his first online community for console gamers, called the PSPZone, which reached 40.000 users. He studied marketing communication and gained his professional experience working for local and international advertising agencies, managing small or large clients and being responsible for a monthly advertising spend, peaking at £0.5 million.

Soon in his career he realised, that he is more efficient outside of a traditional office environment and has been working partly or fully remotely since. Martin co-founded an award winning medtech startup STEMI and was listed in iconic 30 under 30 this year by the Forbes magazine. He lived, studied or worked in Slovakia, Algarve in Portugal, Miami, and London.

At the moment he resides on Tenerife, where he focuses on managing his business, a co-living house for teams called the Wolfhouse. On side he runs a non-for-profit community the Remote Workers. He is passionate about the remote working model, tools for maximising team performance and boardsports.



Orsi Vitos

Orsi is working as social media manager and trainer. She is very passionate about exploring the secrets behind digital channels: why and how does social media influence our lives and our decision making processes; What image are we knowingly creating on our public profiles and how can we use social media to impact personal and professional growth. Thanks to her job at SEOintheSUN, she gained experience in productised marketing services, project coordination and event planning.

In general, she loves self-development, networking events, and of course, traveling! During the Remote Workers Camp, Orsi taught participants How to Improve Your Online Presence! She talked about the (non-existing) social media etiquette, Social Media trends and tools for managing your Social Media channels.



Tommaso “Brickbeard” Ferrari has been living most of his adult life in television or cinema studios to record sound and video for tv shows, commercials and documentaries, working with many production companies throughout the EU.

His passion for the seventh art and thirst for technical knowledge led him into applying first into sound and then into all video production departments, always eager to learn the hows and whys of things, finally making full profit of these skills when in 2014 he joined as Project Manager the London based agency Vispro Video & Engineering, a firm pointed into R&D of new technologies such as 360 Videos and Virtual Reality. As of today he keeps developing with them new cameras, workflows and new standards for this ever growing new medium.
You can find his touch, as well as actually himself he says, in many 360 video experiences for the automotive industry and italian tv broadcasters.

At the Remote Workers Camp, Tommaso taught participants what is Live Content production for social media, the theories, the techniques and tricks to make great pictures/videos and how to be a One Man Band content producer.



Iria is originally from Galicia (Spain). She has experience managing a team in a 5-star hotel restaurant. Iria is developing her passion as an a drawing artist and working as a host at the Wolfhouse, a coliving house for startups and companies, located on south west coast of sunny Tenerife.

At the Remote Workers Camp, Iria was the host and a connection to other mentors. She gave plenty of tips about the island and was  helping anytime. She made a #BeachPitch about the tips, how to develop your communication skills, assertiveness and collaboration skills. She showed participants how to exercise their creativity, relax and recharge efficiently like a true Canarian and how to avoid, sometimes very inconvenient, creative blocks.

Iria, through figuring out each participants goals during the Camp, connected them to the right mentor to help address problems on their path to becoming a remote worker


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