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The first ever Remote Workers Camp 2017 at the Wolfhouse in Tenerife brought together aspiring to be remote professionals, online business owners and experienced mentors for a week of fun, remote work, learning and professional growth.

Remote Workers camp started with a goal setting session, where the participants introduced themselves and met their mentors in the sunny palm garden at the Wolfhouse. Everyone shared their expectations, what they want to achieve and improve the knowledge at. With no time to waste, working time and mentoring began in the afternoon of the same day. But of course, after all the travelling who doesn’t want to have a relaxing and fun evening? Therefore at the sunset, everyone grabbed a beer and enjoyed the Grill Party!

The second day of the Camp was full of productivity  — lessons, work time and mentoring started straight from the morning! One of the mentors — Nial, shared the “3 secrets for building an online business” during his lesson. And to top it all up, on the second lesson under the guidance of Jan, participants figured out how to “live the perfect day (almost) every day”.

As for the the evening, everyone gathered together for the friendly competition of volleyball. And who won? — hunger! A cozy restaurant was the perfect ending of the day, where everybody had a chance to share tapas, try traditional Spanish dishes and some exotic pizzas with bananas and avocados!

Yoga set the morning of the third day in motion. A bit of exercising, a bit of meditation, what else needed for a fresh and energised start of the day? — Beach pitch! Iria took over the first talk and exercise about “group dynamics and collaborative environments”, and after a quick swim at the stunning black sand beach, Tommaso explained “how VR and AR will affect our lives in the near future”, and of course, let everyone to experience VR themselves straight after the pitch.

Later same day — a Remote Workers and Start-up Community Meetup took place. Nothing can beat a grill, chill, network with a beer and sunset at the Wolfhouse! Remote workers from different parts of the world joined it, and made the night so special!

Sunday morning as in 4th day, let attendees to learn about “how to improve online presence through personal branding” with Orsis' help. And after the break, Tommaso demonstrated the “content creation for the digital era”. Past the whole day of lessons and mentoring, the real Spanish night was on the way! Ever wondered how to cook delicious arepas with a recipe that passes through generations? Well now, remote workers camp participants do know how to! Orsi and Iria hold the masterclass and taught all the secret techniques of preparation!

I learned a lot about self-development and improved my marketing skills to drive leads and convert them into sales..
— Ben

The second half of the Remote Workers Camp started with a trip to La Orotava — one of the loveliest towns on Tenerife, and one of the most truly ‘Canarian’ places in the Canary Islands. There, a sightseeing took a place and followed up with an alluring small restaurant, where participants had an occasion to try a variety of Canarian dishes. Later on, the trip moved to the next city called Puerto de la Cruz where Orsi and Jan talked on topics of “the elevator talk” and “win the morning, win the day”. The rest of the day was calm and chill after such full-of-action day.

The lesson of the following morning by Iria explained “how to improve emails and tools to make your life easier” and Martin broke it all down about PPC advertising. After the lesson, the participants had the chance to approach the mentors and tailor a personalised strategy based on their needs. The day finished with a group activity among the giant cliffs of Los Gigantes— Stand-Up Paddling. To sum up, fun and extremely exciting day!

The next day started with no less “must do” activity — hiking in Masca Mountains, which goes through deep ravines interlaced with lush green flora and winding roads with hairpin bends. And what do you think followed up such strength-taking activity? Of course more mentoring and work time!

The last day was calm, most of the participants left in the early morning, some stayed till the lunch, but what is more important, they all left happy, satisfied, refreshed, with improved knowledge, a lot of new friends and great ideas! But nothing to be sad about, they all continued their journey at the next stop — Nomad city in Las Palmas!


Snezana Skokova