Remote Workers Camp 2018
1.10.18' - 7.10.18'

Remote Workers Camp will once again give an opportunity this year to a select group of individuals to join our mentors and aspiring remote workers for 7 unforgettable days of learning, having fun and professional growth.

Invest in your future and accelerate your remote lifestyle!


1st October 2018 – 7th October 2018
Remote Workers Camp 2018 will start on the 1st of October and end on the 7th of October, right before the start of the Nomad City conference in Las Palmas – the partner event of the Remote Workers Camp.

Check-in: You can arrive anytime on the 1st of October (Monday); the welcome grill party will start at 19:00 during which we will brief the programme for the whole week. Before your arrival you will be required to fill out a form that will help our Mentors customise the programme and work plan for each individual.

Check-out: You can leave anytime on the 7th of October (Sunday) until 3PM (there will be a possibility to stay longer upon request). On Sunday most of the people will take a ferry together to Las Palmas. Attending Remote Workers Camp grants you a special discounted access to the Nomad City conference. Contact our team for more information.

I learned a lot about self-development and improved my marketing skills to drive leads and convert them into sales..
— Ben (Remote Workers Camp 2017)


The Remote Workers Camp 2018 will take place in Tenerife (Canary Islands). Accommodation, workspace and mentoring sessions will be provided at the Wolfhouse Los Gigantes, an exclusive co-living space for teams and groups with a swimming pool, tropical garden, co-working office space and apartments overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

How to get there? Fly to TFS (Tenerife South) or TFN (Tenerife North), or LPA (Las Palmas) and take a ferry (1.5hr) to Tenerife. If you would require any help with the transport or finding the flights, contact our team.


How much it costs?

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.39.30 pm.png

The cost of a ticket for the Remote Workers Camp 2018 is between 599€ – 899€ depending on when you reserve your spot and the remaining time until the event. 

The cost includes accommodation, workspace, mentoring and activities for the duration of the Camp.

We believe that we can learn much faster, have more time for 1-on-1 sessions with mentors and create stronger bonds in smaller groups, therefore there will be only a limited amount of tickets for sale.

You can reserve your place by paying a 99€ deposit today and the balance before your arrival (45 days before the Camp). Grab your spot soon!

‘The only way to do a great work is to love what you do!’

Your Mentors & Team



Orsi Vitos

Orsi is working as social media manager and trainer. She is very passionate about exploring the secrets behind digital channels: why and how does social media influence our lives and our decision making processes; What image we are knowingly creating on our public profiles and how we can use social media to impact personal and professional growth. Thanks to her job at SEOintheSUN, she gained experience in productised marketing services, project coordination and event planning.

At the Remote Workers Camp, Orsi will teach participants How to Improve Their Online Presence and help find more clients and freelance projects in the result!

Andrei Ponivesc

Andrei is a location independent designer helping clients with digital strategy, UI/UX design and user research. Andrei will teach attendees how to build a well designed product starts from researching the users needs and setting out hypothesis.

'I won't open Sketch until we've done the necessary research that convinces me I can design a solution for the problem. My philosophy is (design - test - feedback). Sticking to this loop for as much as needed.'

Andrei will teach you how to do User interviews, user testing and Continuous iteration cycles to design winning UX.



tommaso ferrari

Tommaso “Brickbeard” Ferrari has been living most of his adult life in television or cinema studios to record sound and video for tv shows, commercials and documentaries, working with many production companies throughout the EU.

At the Remote Workers Camp, Tommaso will teach participants what is Live Content production for social media, the theories, the techniques and tricks to make great pictures/videos and how to be a One Man Show content producer.



Martin co-founded the award winning med-tech startup STEMI and was listed in the iconic 30 Under 30 this year by Forbes magazine. He has lived, studied or worked in Slovakia, Algarve in Portugal, Miami, and London.

He also started the Remote Workers community and is a founder and the CEO of Wolfhouse – network of venues for teams, groups and retreats. He is passionate about the remote working model, tools for maximising team performance and board sports.

At the Remote Workers Camp he will teach participants how to develop a kick-ass marketing strategy, optimise their funnel and ads to generate leads and convert them into clients from A to Z.

People today really value work flexibility, especially remote work, because it allows to focus energy on Work and Life.
It’s going to be AMAZING, see you in Tenerife!