Remote Workers community was founded in 2016 by Martin Studencan

Since early 2016, we have been leading the effort to build a community of remote working professionals from all around the world. Today, there are already more than 15,000 of us.


Our Mission

When starting up a business or choosing the right career path it is important to have people around you like friends and family supporting you. If you don't, joining a like-minded community with its members going through the same as you can considerably help. Remote Workers are here to help connect, teach and support each other. Our ambition is to connect remote working professionals from all around the globe. We are mapping and reviewing coffeeshops and small businesses and trying to find those #RemoteFriendly ones. Join us on Social Media or anywhere in the world – simply search for the #RemoteWorkers and connect.

The only way to do a great job is to love what you do!
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Wolfhouse on 01/07/2017

What We've Achieved

  • Accumulated on SM over 15,000 active followers
  • Large percentage of followers are active and engaged 
  • People love to associate themselves with the Remote Workers community
  • Feeling of community strength, activity and mutual support on our Facebook group
  • Produced and published 7 Episodes of the #RemoteFriendly series
  • Successfully organised 6 international Meetups
  • Organised the first Remote Workers Camp in 2017 with a success
  • Published FREE lessons for the community recorded at the RWCamp
  • Partnered with the iconic Nomad City event in Las Palmas